First Nation Economic Development

First Nation governments are seeking economic development opportunities and wish to ensure they are supported by predictable systems of decision-making. These systems can both honour traditional laws and enable success and prosperity. JFK Law can work with your community to achieve the thoughtful balance required for success in business without compromising cultural and environmental integrity. Our experience in negotiating resource-sharing agreements reflects these core principles.  We understand that the concept of ‘separating business from politics’ must be applied carefully to ensure First Nation governments retain appropriate decision-making authority for the development of resources that belong to the collective, while having the ability to make sound business decisions and ensure fairness and equity for its members.

We recognize that successful agreements don’t end with negotiations, but require diligent implementation and ongoing capacity-building. JFK has experience in guiding and supporting this work. Whether economic development is on or off-reserve, JFK is dedicated to providing full service to First Nation governments generating economic opportunities and wealth for their communities.

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