First Nations and other Aboriginal organizations have wide-ranging responsibilities for day to day management of their communities and the protection and advancement of their communities’ rights and interests. Carrying out these responsibilities effectively require governance policies and procedures that respect the customs, traditions and local circumstances of the community and meet standards of transparency and fairness.  The Indian Act and the legacy of colonial influence have, in many cases, led to governance structures that are confusing, complex or otherwise do not meet communities’ needs.

JFK Law provides a variety of services to assist clients dealing with the complexities of operating governments including:

  • collaboratively drafting governance codes that respect the traditions and wishes of the community;
  • advising communities on the adoption or amendment of custom election codes;
  • advising clients about the powers and responsibilities conferred through election codes and by-laws; and
  • representing bands and individuals in relation to electoral disputes.

JFK has experience assisting First Nations develop, ratify and implement land codes.  We have developed specialized resource tools that enable us to provide our services at an affordable fixed rate.  The benefits to our clients include cost predictability, a streamlined process, and the advantage of experience.  For more information, please see our blog post on the First Nations Land Management Act.

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