JFK’s Reconciliation Action Plan

We are pleased to advise that JFK Law has adopted a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to reflect our deep commitment to the important and pressing goal of reconciliation.  The RAP was developed in light of the calls to action set out in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report (December 2015). The lesson from the TRC Report is that reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people must inform every aspect of our relationship with each other, and that it requires transformative action on the part of all Canadians, including the private sector. To this end, JFK developed a RAP to ensure the goal of reconciliation is infused in all aspects of our firm’s operations. The RAP will be overseen by an RAP Committee, who will hold regular meetings to ensure the RAP is being properly implemented. The RAP Committee will produce a yearly progress report, which we will make publicly available on our website. JFK welcomes comments and feedback on its RAP and implementation, and encourages other members of the private bar to share information and work together to pursue reconciliation in our law firms, legal practices and lives. Please direct any inquiries in this regard to Karey Brooks.