Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Using the courts strategically to advance your Nation’s Rights
Our team of experienced litigators advance our clients’ interests in courts across the country. We prove and protect your rights through strategic litigation, including Aboriginal rights and title cases, Treaty infringement litigation, judicial reviews, and interventions in important cases.

Consultation, Accommodation and Regulatory Review

Making the Crown comply with the duty to consult and accommodate
We help our clients advance their right to free, prior and informed consent when consulting with the Crown. This includes helping Indigenous communities develop their own consultation processes, negotiate alternatives to the duty to consult framework,  respond to referrals in their traditional territories, engage in environmental assessment processes, and challenge decisions made without proper consultation and accommodation.

Complex Negotiations

Securing and implementing your community’s rights through complex negotiations
Our lawyers support Indigenous communities in advancing their rights and securing economic opportunities through complex negotiations with government and industry, including impact benefit agreements, complicated commercial agreements and modern treaties. We focus on pushing the envelope   and ensuring that government and industry respond to what our clients want to achieve.

Economic Development and Governance

Helping build strong, sustainable communities
JFK Law works alongside Indigenous communities to advance self-government and build a solid foundation for economic development.