Beecher Bay First Nation finalizes historic land swap and reconciliation agreement

At a ceremony at the British Columbia legislature building on March 14, 2017, the Province of British Columbia put the final touches on a unique set of agreements involving Metchosin, Langford and Beecher Bay First Nation.

The agreements involve a combination of a land swap, a reconciliation agreement and an arrangement with private developers. This will see Metchosin obtain and conserve three parcels of land within its borders as green space and will change the boundary between Metchosin and Langford to allow for the creation of a new business park and residential development. Beecher Bay will provide Metchosin with the land to become green space and will receive a portion of future municipal taxes on the land planned for industrial use as well as 30-per-cent ownership of the new business park.

At the ceremony, Minister of Community Sport and Cultural Development, Peter Fassbender, Langford Mayor Stew Young, Metchosin Mayor John Ranns and Beecher Bay Chief Russ Chipps all spoke of their newly strengthened partnership and shared vision for the future of these lands. All four commented that this is a powerful example of how governments should work together.

Chief Chipps added that the arrangement helps to resolve some of the hurdles faced by Beecher Bay in the BC Treaty Process and is an important step in securing economic and other opportunities for current and future members of Beecher Bay.

JFK Law congratulates Beecher Bay First Nation on this significant achievement.

JFK Law represents the Te’mewx Treaty Association, of which Beecher Bay First Nation is a member, in the BC Treaty Process and assisted Beecher Bay First Nation with this unique set of agreements.

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BC News Release