JFK Law welcomes Clayton Leonard as Senior Counsel on January 1, 2017


JFK Law is very pleased to announce that Clayton Leonard joined our firm as Senior Counsel on January 1, 2017. Clayton was called to the bar in 2004. He has spent his legal career working for First Nations at a law firm in Calgary. Clayton is a well known force in Alberta on anything water related – management and allocation, treaty and Aboriginal water rights and  any other water issues that affect First Nations. He also is also heavily involved in consultation and negotiation work. Clayton and JFK Law have collaborated on a number of matters in the past –  most recently with respect to the safe drinking water litigation.

Clayton has a number of loyal clients, likely because he takes a highly strategic and outside the box approach to handling their legal issues. On the safe drinking water case alone Clayton has put pressure on the government by using litigation, the media, politicking, and protest. Clayton recently got engaged to his partner Liz, and we are very excited for this new chapter for him.

Clayton will be working out of the Victoria office, but will be traveling back and forth between offices.  We are very excited to have Clayton join our team.