New Leadership Announcement: Managing Partner and Management Committee for JFK Law LLP

We’re excited to share some news about a significant milestone for our firm. After almost a decade of dedicated leadership, Robert Janes is passing the role as managing partner of JFK Law LLP to new leadership. We owe a great deal of our firm’s growth and reputation to his vision and guidance. Robert is excited to focus exclusively on his practice, where he’ll continue advocating for the rights and self-determination of First Nations, Indigenous organizations, and individuals.

Similarly, Karey Brooks is leaving the management committee to focus more on our dispute resolution wing of JFK Law and strategic coaching of our young litigation team. We greatly respect the work she has done with Robert for several years leading the growth and vision of our firm.

As we look ahead, we’re delighted to announce Sara Mainville as our new managing partner, effective January 1, 2024. As an Anishinaabe lawyer with notable expertise in Indigenous law, Sara promises to bring an essential perspective to JFK Law and to the broader legal community. Her depth of experience, strong commitment to self-determination and revitalization of knowledge systems, and creative vision make her a perfect fit for this role. We’re confident that Sara’s leadership will propel us into a new era of expanding our practice areas and opportunity to work in partnership with Indigenous peoples.

We also want to take a moment to acknowledge our partners, Jeff Langlois and Erin Thomson-Leach. They’ve been integral to our firm for many years and will now join Sara on the management committee. Together, the management committee will continue to uphold our firm’s purpose and values and advance the self-determination and ambitions of our clients.

We deeply value the trust and support of our clients and community and our devoted staff within JFK. We remain committed to our dedication to justice and self-determination for Indigenous Nations, communities, organizations and individuals as well as other rights seeking persons. With this new leadership team, we’re confident that JFK Law LLP will continue to thrive and make a positive impact across the country.