Bernd Christmas, KC

Senior Counsel

  • Oneida Business Park, Suite 208 - 50 Generations Drive, (Ohsweken) Caledonia, ON N3 W 1Z8

Bernd Christmas is a highly esteemed legal professional and advocate for First Nations across Canada, recognized for his extensive experience and unwavering dedication to his field. As of February 1, 2024, he has taken on the role of Senior Counsel at JFK Law.  He is situated at JFK Law’s Six Nations office in Ohsweken, Ontario.

This latest career move follows an already illustrious career that has solidified his standing as a leading figure in Aboriginal law. Mr. Christmas’s journey in the legal profession began with his deep-rooted passion for Indigenous relations and reconciliation. His impetus has always been to deliver positive outcomes for the workforce, the communities, and the businesses he works with. With his lifelong career commitment to these issues, he has been instrumental in guiding businesses in developing Indigenous strategies that align with community interests and the broader business objectives.

As a consultant, Mr. Christmas has been an invaluable asset to numerous national and international corporations and government agencies. His expertise lies in building cultural understanding and forging strong partnerships with First Nations including the economic powerhouse that is his own community, Membertou First Nation. His insightful guidance and strategic thinking have helped Nations navigate the complexities of Indigenous relations and secure beneficial agreements. One of Mr. Christmas’s most notable skills is his ability to negotiate effectively. He possesses strong closing tactics and has shown remarkable success in overcoming challenges and mitigating risks. His adeptness in negotiation has not only driven superior business performance but also ensured long-term profitability for all parties involved.

Mr. Christmas is also a sought-after speaker, having presented nationally and internationally on creating Indigenous culturally sensitive business practices. His speeches are always well-received, reflecting his detailed understanding of Indigenous cultures and the need for businesses to respect and honor these traditions in their operations. In addition to his consulting work, Mr. Christmas has also made significant contributions to the field of Aboriginal law. He was formerly a partner at a renowned law firm, where he offered a full range of sophisticated business transaction, advocacy, and advisory services. His leadership in the firm’s Aboriginal law practice further underscored his expertise and commitment to Indigenous self-determination and wealth-creation.

His move to JFK Law’s Six Nations office is a natural progression in his career. As Senior Counsel, he will bring his wealth of experience and deep understanding of Indigenous relations to the forefront. His role will be pivotal in shaping the firm’s approach to Aboriginal law and in fostering stronger, more meaningful relationships with First Nations as they do wealth-creation and larger, complex deals. In his new role, Mr. Christmas aims to further his impact on Indigenous relations and reconciliation. With his proven track record and unwavering commitment, he is poised to make significant contributions to JFK Law and to the broader network of Indigenous professionals. His move to is not just a firm advancement in gaining his trust and participation in the work that we do, but also a testament to his dedication to serving First Nations across Canada.

Bernd Christmas’s career is the epitome of dedication to the cause of Indigenous people and their rights. His expertise, experience, and passion for the cause are an immense asset to JFK Law and will undoubtedly play a key role in shaping the firm’s approach to Aboriginal law and its relationship with the most progressive and innovative Nations as well as those that have tremendous opportunity and a need for a trusted navigator to set out strategic focus.



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