Laura Sutherland


  • P 604-687-0549 ext 125
  • 260 - 200 Granville Street Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4

Laura comes from a varied legal background, having worked previously for both firms and in in-house corporate roles.

Her work has extensively focused on legal writing and drafting, as well as having a previous history with regulatory compliance work in multiple industries. She brings a very analytical and business-oriented approach to her work, and she is passionate about ensuring that legal contracts are drafted so as to be accessible, while still ensuring that legal risks are fully mitigated.

When not doing the lawyer thing, Laura likes to putter in the garden, ride her horse, and attend nerdy events.



JFK Law to Participate and Sponsor: 2024 Public Law Conference!

JFK Law is excited to present, moderate and sponsor the 2024 Public Law Conference

JFK Law is excited to announce that Robin Phillips has joined the partnership at JFK Law LLP

Robin has been an integral part of the JFK team for almost 5 years. Before she joined the firm